LONDON, ON – Boozhoo… greetings everyone. I apologize for not posting anything new on my Blog in over a month! I’ve been on vacation. Spending time with my Princess, Katherine Faith.

We’ve been having a blast, at the same time I’m also needing the rest to recover from a pretty serious abdominal infection. I spent three nights in the hospital at the end of July. Was on intravenous anti-biotics for the entire time and had to have an abscess removed. It was potentially very serious if I had complications, being diabetic, and all. However, my blood sugars are well under control. Eating well and getting some exercise.

Yesterday, we returned from a week in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. It was great for recuperation. The salt water is actually good for my wound/incision and there was a lot of time for rest, sleep and good food.

We spent some time at Xel-Ha, one of the largest open-water aquariums in the world. We all enjoyed a full day of snorkeling the Mayan Reef and the caves within the park.

We also got to spend a day at Chichen Itza, site of 1000 year old Mayan ruins and the great Temple of Kukaclan. This pyramid and amazing Mayan city was awe-inspiring and spectacular.

I’ve missed quite a bit of the current events and haven’t been accessible to my e-mail, cell phone or even television news.

– OPP Commissioner Gwen Boniface is retiring from the OPP and moving on to a post in Ireland. Best of luck Gwen.

– Former UOI President and Ontario Regional Chief and Elder Fred Plain passed away.  Fred was a great leader, orator and a fellow Midewiwin from the Three Fires Lodge. We will miss you Fred. My sympathies to Mike and the rest of the Plain Family.

– Chief Marianna Couchie was elected to lead my community of Nipissing First Nation on July 9th, 2006. My good friend Aandozed, Perry McLeod-Shabogesic was elected to Council, along with Meriza George (Deputy Chief), June Commanda, Rick Stevens, Mike Restoule, Doug Chevrier, and Darryl McLeod. Congratulations everyone.

– Finally, my Guestbook was been disabled (thanks Ray and Chuck). There has been a lot of spam posted by spambots and it’s become a royal pain. I’ll come up with a better system to get away from the spammers.