Miigwetch G’zhemanidoo
Mide mno biimaadiziwin.

Life is a truly a wonderful gift full of joy and wonder. Worthy of praise, thanks and celebration each and every day.

We give thanks for everything the Spirit provides to us, that nourishes us, that gives us life.

We give thanks for all those uplifting moments that carry us
on this beautiful path of life. For every turn in the trail. For the necessary comfort when climbing lifes hills and lonely valleys.

For even in the darkness, life is abound – as our Nokomis shines on us and Spirit World dwells around us. Until our Mishom Giizis shines upon us and brings us another new day – mno giizhigat – with yet another chance to live and celebrate the great mystery of life.

Thank you, Great Kind Spirit – our Creator. I am thankful for this good Midewiwin Life. Take pity on me Grandfather.

Zhaawenamishin G’zhemanidoo.