We had an amazing night here in downtown Montreal. Grand Council Chief and I attended the Montreal Canadiens vs. Chicago Blackhawk game tonight. I’m not a Habs fan but it’s a sensational thing to be in an arena where the home team wins, late in overtime, by a score of 4-3.

Special thanks for Mr. Francois Cote, Chief Executive Officer of Emergis and my friend Mike Roszak for the great hospitality and the amazing seats. Our meetings in Montreal were fruitful and a great partnership is being built between our respective organizations. Thanks very much.


I just arrived in my hotel room and turned on the TV and was completely surprised by the result of the New Hamshire Presidential Primary. The Democrats in New Hamshire selected Sen. Hillary Clinton as their choice for Presidental Candidate. She miraculously received 39 per cent, after being virtually written off by the pollsters and the pundits. The heavy favorite, Sen. Barrack Obama (who won the Iowa Caucus) obtained 37 per cent of the vote. Obama was favored by a vast majority of the polls, some in double-digits. But Mrs. Clinton ran a courageous, personal campaign instead of relying solely on her advisors including her chief advisor, President Clinton. Her organizers were highly motivated. What a great acceptance speech too. She’s starting to sound like a President. As CNN’s Lou Dobbs said: “Politics, tonight, just got a lot more interesting.”

I’m not a Republican supporter by any means, but it’s nice to see Sen. John McCain win the New Hamshire vote with 37 per cent of the popular vote. He is a respectable and courageous man, and a far cry from the outgoing Republican President. Most of us still disagree with McCain’s position on the war in Iraq. But what the heck is in his cheeks?

I’m quite disappointed in the showing of Rudy Guilianni – who failed to achieved double digits again.