A Few Words on The Trust

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  1. Les Couchi says:


    Thanks for taking the time to make your feelings known. You mentioned experience with financial matters. No one, absolutely no one on this First Nation has the background to handle this kind of endowment. Which challenges the position we need to trust our chief and council. We need a strong advisory group to be available for consultation. I am perplexed that you didn’t find the $ 20,000 bribe offensive. This generation has no more right to this money as individuals then any other generation. Yet the chief and council took it upon themselves to make a decision while the “yes” and “no” debate to accept the agreement was on the table. Toronto meetings and others after the chief and council decision to give out a bribe are a waste of time and energy. The decision has been made. To place trust in people who have never had $ 123,900,000 just because we voted them in is not good a good idea. There needs to be strong rules for everyone involved to ensure the money is there for generations to come. My opinion is that chief and council have already demonstrated their incompetence with the way they have handle the process to date.

    • Bob Goulais says:

      Thanks for this, Les. Incompetent is a rather strong opinion as I think Brian and company are taking advice from those who know better. That is reflected in the research presented, the offer that was accepted, and the rigour of the new Trust Agreement. It’s also part and parcel with the accountability we’ve become accustomed to. I certainly think Chief and Council are being strategic in the offer of $20,000. Not our cup of tea, but it’s in the realm of what most First Nations have been offering in recent years for large community settlements. As I’ve said to you in the past, people such as yourself, Les, would be ideal and formidable Council members or as a trustee. Certainly, your experience in management and development of programs would serve us well as we move forward in these exciting and more prosperous times.

  2. Matt McLeod says:

    Hi Bob. This has got to be one of the most reassuring explanations of recent events I’ve listened to. I’ll have to admit that I’m one of those folks online that probably showcases his mistrust over some aspects of this settlement more than others. To be clear this mistrust is more directed towards non-members ‘shimmying’ their way in to this settlement – not the negotiation team – I’m especially pleased with our leaders and negotiation team to date. I’m a university commerce student studying out of Vancouver BC, so I think what leads me down that path is that I consider finance ‘my game’…I feel pretty passionate about this debate (even though I’m 3000kms away) and I’m not exposed to the front lines like you are. As such I’m not able to ask those questions that bother me directly to those whom I have questions for and I feel like I’m just a pair of eyes peering in from the outside.

    I agree that we need to place trust in those who are managing the trust fund and as you say every 3 years we elect most of them – so trust in our own membership should be muted compared to those we are bringing in to manage our nations future. What I would like to convey is my own belief as someone who is planning a career in the same fields as those who we are bringing in is that they are professionals expected to perform. They will be paid a considerable amount that will be deducted directly from the trusts retained earnings in perpetuity or until the trust fund is obsolete. They expect difficult questions to be asked and they expect pressure. I won’t elaborate because this is a public forum – and let’s face it – I’ve only seen one meeting online and haven’t had a chance to talk directly to them.

    On a positive note, I think its actually pretty cool that people unable to attend meetings directly have the opportunity to view these meetings online. Even though I may have some misgivings it does open up this process tenfold for someone like me and for that I am greatly appreciative for the work that goes into it. Even this blog has contributed to opening up the discussion! I’ve been reading all of your posts and I’m definitely reassured we have someone like you with us through this process.

    My interest in this grows every day and after listening to your video blog I think I’ll tone it down a bit, spectate the next few meetings (if they continue to be available), and ask questions to our members directly involved. All I ask is an honest response, which is what I’ve been getting – and I seem to forget! =)

    • Bob Goulais says:

      Miigwetch for the comment, Matt. As someone who has a vested interest and has a finance background, there are many of us who would like to know your thoughts on the new Trust Agreement. In my opinion, and the opinion of NFNs advisors, it’s pretty tight and comprehensive. But many don’t trust those of us who have worked closely with our First Nation. By all means, give Joan McLeod or Dwayne Nashkawa a call and ask your questions directly. Please share with us your analysis from a more independent, yet vested, perspective. Thanks, Brother.

  3. dean couchie says:

    hi bob
    i hope that our council will now help out with the eduction of our young people. with the government cutting back on eduction , we now have the money to to help out when needed.because with out eduction we will all ways depend on the government for every thing. we should never turn down a student who wants to go to school again..

    we also need to spend more on apartments for are people to live in.because most of the people on the rez can’t afford the payment on a new house. lets keep them on the rez…

    with this money we could do a great many things…. just think about before we spend it and end up with nothing..