The sun is out.

A vacation story doesn’t begin any better.  Sure, this is the beginning of my sixth vacation blog entry, almost a full week into our holidays – but who’s complaining?  The sunshine sure feels good on my back.

Yesterday, Scott, Candace, Deborah, Ella, Aluk, Jasmine, Fiona and myself visited the great and progressive Listuguuj First Nation, Canada’s largest Mi’kmaq community.  We did a drive-by of their pow-wow grounds as they prepare for their annual pow-wow this weekend.

We drove out to an iscolated fresh water swimming hole in a pristene mountain stream.  The water was clear and sparkling in the sun.  A white, limestone ledge off the shore of the pool gave the water a carribean turquoise color – Deborah’s vacation standard.

We couldn’t really swim as it was very, very cold.  The water was a fast-moving rapids whose source was deep in the mountains.  Scott and I took a couple of quick dips.  I explored the eerie, but beautiful natural limestone shelf.  I dove deep below to recover a long-abandoned pair of Columbia eyeglasses. Ella, Aluk and Jazzy also got wet.  Ella, on a dare, was the first one in the water.

Last night, we had a enormous seafood and chicken feast at our cottage.  Scott and I manned the barbeque, while Candace and Deborah were on appetizer, salad and lobster duty.  (Ten lobster and about ten pounds of chicken.  Hoo ah!)  A lively crew joined us for our dinner party including Chief David, Rose and their two girls, Uncle Terry, Sue and Dakota, Uncle Fisher, Dallas and his future bride, Kayla, and Candace’s mom.

Our evening concluded back on the beach with an ocean-side bonfire, marshmallows, fireworks and plenty of laughs and stories.

Today, with the good weather, we’re finally going to make it to Heron Island for our clam dig, to explore the spooky colonial island, and do some ocean mackerel fishing.  Wish us luck!