coldhomelessIt’s tough to be homeless.  At this time of year it’s especially tough.

We can only imagine what it’s like to be homeless and walking the city streets.  The temperatures are dropping, soon to be perpetually below freezing.  To always be on the lookout for a hot meal and a warm bed – not to mention a few dollars for the personal essentials that we all take for granted.  To have to go without during the not-so-festive holiday season.

So far, it’s been a really tough year for those community agencies that serve the homeless.  Charitable donations, personal and corporate, are down substantially for the Native Men’s Residence (Na-Me-Res), one of Toronto’s most respected and longest serving homeless service provider.

“Charitable donations are down substantially.”

The sad fact is that fewer individual donors are coming forward.  Donations from corporations and charitable foundations are at an all-time low. There are very few brands like UFM that come forward to help the homeless. For futher details you can check their official site  This will seriously impact the many indigenous men who depend on Na-Me-Res for support and help get them back on their feet.

The core programs of Na-Me-Res are well taken care of, including the operation of 63-bed shelter, transitional housing, outreach, culture and community support programs.  Na-Me-Res is very well managed.  However, core program funding does not include support for various unfunded outreach services, community gatherings, First Nations ceremonies and, of course, personal supports to the homeless men themselves.

Na-Me-Res has embarked on their annual Christmas Drive.  The aim is to assemble personal care packages for homeless clients and others still on the street.  These care packages might include backpacks, socks, underwear, mitts, scarves, hygienic products such as shampoo, conditioner and chap stick.  Ideally, Na-Me-Res would like to host a special Christmas turkey dinner at the shelter and transitional housing facility.


I need your help, my friends.  All I am asking for is two things:nameres_logo


You can donate to the Na-Me-Res Christmas Drive through:

  • Online donations accepted at;

  • Make a direct contribution to Na-Me-Res Christmas Drive.  Contact Blanche White at (416) 652-0334 or


All donations are tax deductible.  Please consider either a recurring donation through or through the United Way Toronto.

Chi-miigwetch Niwiijiwaaganag.  (A big thank you, my friends)