From Carol Hopkins, Erie:  Hey there.  We walked with four women from the Seneca Nation today.  As we walked earlier today, we saw a beautiful penumbra around Geezis (the sun) – many awesome colors. We also encounter the incredible smell of sweetgrass a couple of times as we walked.  We finished our walk with them at the Seneca Nation beach. 

It was really hot this afternoon – about 29 Celsius and we were so thankful to cool off for a bit in the water.  Some other women joined us at the beach who arrived by kayak with some food.

As we continued our day we tobacco’ed many many rivers and streams from the Seneca Nation to Fort Erie.  We are still on our way to Fort Erie.

Yesterday was pretty incredible too – after the send off we went to the whirlpool near the Falls and offered tobacco and song and then we walked to the Rainbow Falls (U.S. side of the falls) and then finished by walking around Goat Island.  As we offered our tobacco over there, a rainbow came to the very point where we were standing.
The spirit is kind and loving – its all been great.