Is it time for spirited, youthful and energetic leadership in Nipissing?


Apparently, there’s one question on everyone’s minds: “Are you running for Chief?”

Well, it is that time again. Here in Nipissing First Nation, we have our election for Chief and Council every three years.

To be perfectly honest, running for Chief is something that I’d really like to consider at some point in my life. I can certainly bring a lot to the table for the benefit of you, my Nbisiing family.  For example:

  • Spirited Leadership. Is it time for spirited, youthful and energetic leadership in Nipissing? I think so. I could bring my years of experience and integrity in working with First Nations and Aboriginal political organizations at the highest levels.
  • Community Vision. Having vision is keeping an eye to the future of our community, for families, women, students and youth – all to the Seventh Generation. Community vision should be all about health and well-being, education, social development, economic development and enabling a good life, Mno-Bimaadiziwin, for all our citizens.
  • Competency & Ability. Offering the work ethic, experience, skill set and capability to deliver results. Period.  I can also offer my proven experience in executive management, as a transformer and an agent of change, while generating some excitement and instilling pride in our community.  (If you haven’t seen my qualifications, you can check it out.)
  • Bridge Building. Years of proven results as a professional communicator, community facilitator, negotiator and traditional teacher. It also helps to be an effective public speaker and motivator that keeps everyone on their toes.
  • Unmatched Network. I’d be pleased to share an unmatched network of influential Chiefs, Cabinet Ministers, public policy leaders and influential Canadians.
  • Building Economies. It’s essential to have the vision and capability to build our economy, create jobs, support small business, all without risking Mother Earth, our sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • Nbisiing Anishinaabe. It is so rewarding to be living my life as an Anishinaabe man, with the guidance of our Elders and traditional teachers, with a dedication to our language, culture and values that are important to our community.

My family and I haven’t decided if I’m going to run for Chief. The answer to that question will also come from you.

Do you feel I have the tools to be an effective leader for our community? Is it time for someone to step up and bring some vision, excitement and energy to this position? I’m looking for your ideas and thoughts that may help me contemplate such a decision.

G’chi miigwetch, niikaanisidook. I am so thankful for all your kind words of confidence, support and encouragement. I sincerely look forward to hearing from all of you.

Please reach out to me by e-mail:, phone (705) 805-9242, or message me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Yours, in Friendship & Nationhood.

Bob Goulais