Taking Steps towards an Anishinabek Consumer Bill of Rights

Today, myself and Arnya Assance of Beausoleil First Nation launched a First Nations boycott of “The Source (By Circuit City)”.  I’ve sent out an e-mail, far and wide. (see below).
In addition, I’ve given direction for the Union of Ontario Indians to include this issue to the agenda of the Special Grand Council Assembly, October 31-November 1, 2006.  Further, I’ve asked our staff to develop a strategy paper and a resolution for an “Anishinabek Consumer Bill of Rights”. This will include a vision statement and standards policy. It will also include a certification process that will put the onus on the company to become certified with a “Anishinabek Trademark Brand” that will ensure they are recognized as supporters of our rights and our Nation and provide “barrier-free” tax exemptions. Part of this new strategy will include a new website called the Anishinabek Consumer Standards Organization (ASO) which will provide an e-mail alert notification and a central list of certified suppliers and service providers.

We can refer to this initiative as the very first “Anishinabek Standard
1001” or ASO 1001.



Good day brothers and sisters:

This concerns the thousands and thousands of First Nations citizens
including Band Councils, Tribal Councils as well as our affiliated
social, health and economic non-governmental organizations.

This is to alert you to the fact that my status card was refused by “The
Source (By Circuit City)” when attempting to make a purchase this
weekend. This took place at the Galleria Mall location in downtown
London, ON.

The reason for this “alert” and my recommended course of action is
because this is about more than just ignorance, but an apparent change
in company policy that undermines our treaty right to tax exemption and
serves to dishonour and disrespect all Anishinaabe, Haundenasaunee and
Mushkegowuk people. 

I’m a firm believer that our people, businesses and First Nation
administrations/governments should support businesses that respect us,
honour our treaty rights and support our Nationhood. It is abundantly
clear that the actions of “The Source (By Circuit City)” are not
consistant with this philosophy. 

THEREFORE, I am encouraging an active and punitive boycott of “The
Source (By Circuit City)” until they are able to produce and justify
their Indian Status tax exemption policy, demonstrate barrier-free
adherance to our treaty right to tax exemption, and demonstrate their
respect to our people.


(1) I am respectfully requesting that all First Nations citizens:
Anishinaabe, Haudenasaunee and Mushkegowuk alike, as well as our
businesses, supporters and fellow consumers hereby actively boycott “The
Source (By Circuit City)”. Buy your electronic products from their
competitors who honour our right to tax exemption; and

(2) That our Band Councils, administrations and organizations who
presently deal with “The Source (By Circuit City)” pass purchasing
policies, by-laws and resolutions supporting this boycott and find
alternative suppliers who support and honour our rights.

(3) Take action, write your own letter or e-mail in support of this

(4) Finally, although I dislike “spam” and forwards, please share this
with your friends, family and supporters of our Nation.

My brothers and sisters, our people and our rights are important. We
spend millions of dollars on home, business and personal electronics
each and every year. Demand that whoever you do business with respect
you and your rights. If they refuse, refuse to give them your business.

Forever to the seventh generation.

Bob Goulais
Chief of Staff &
Executive Assistant to the Grand Council Chief