NORTH BAY – I was given the pleasure of meeting Prime Minister Paul Martin yesterday at a rally in support of Anthony Rota at the Clarion Pinewood Park Resort. Although his visit was short, it was an excellent opportunity to hear the Liberal message in it’s purest form, from our Prime Minister himself.
He was eloquent and simple. Everyone could relate to what he was saying about the Liberal plan, his governments’ record, and the Conservative Party platform and fiscal policy.
“Stephen Harper has come before Canadians and given us a list of 196 promises, but he can’t tell us how he’s going to pay for them,” said the Prime Minister.
“I was finance minister for a couple of years, I know a little bit of what it takes to make a budget and what it takes to make financial projections. What I see in Stephen Harper’s plan are phantom numbers, nudges, winks and mis-direction.”
I had a chance to quickly chat and shake hands with the Prime Minister following a quick introduction by Anthony next to the tour bus. He was quickly ushered away en route to another campaign rally with Anne McLellan in Edmonton, AB.