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From: Goulais, Bob
Sent: 3/16/07 1:33 PM
Subject: Little Native Hockey League

Good afternoon everyone:

First the disclaimer: I am not a member of the Little NHL Executive and
never have been. Also, I fully agree with your point and feel the
Little NHL needs to be more inclusive of our Anishinaabe kids who may
not have status because of the Indian Act.
However, there seems to be a lot of ridiculous negative rhetoric,
excessive drama and even some paranoia surrounding this situation. 
These rules aren’t in place to make anyone rich and powerful. Nobody is
getting rich off the Little NHL (except maybe the hotel owners). And
nobody is deliberately trying to exclude your little ones from playing
Sadly, the rules were amended over the years because there were just as
many people who complained about including non-status players, etc.
There were even complaints about teams stacking players with AAA
non-native players complete with letter of affiliation from their Chief.
There have been years and years of rule changes, complaints, more
changes, appeals, etc.
Volunteer executive members made the decision, albiet a controversial
one (perhaps the wrong decision) to only include “status players” in the
In November, on recommendation of All-Ontario Chiefs-in-Assembly, First
Nations had an opportunity to present their official complaints on this
rule/policy back in November-December. Sadly, only two First Nations
came forward. The rule was once again reviewed at the Little NHL
Executive Meeting in mid-December. No changes were made.
Remember – rules can be changed and amended. If you have any ideas that
can solve this situation, I would encourage you to volunteer to be a
part of the Little NHL Executive. There is an open call for volunteers
right now.
There’s really no need to debate silly rhetoric, conspiracy theories, an
overthrow of the government, nor attend secret meetings in dark
basements over this controversy. Just get out there and do something
about it.
Unfortunately, you’ll find out very quickly – you can’t please everybody
every time.

Good luck,

Bob Goulais
Chief of Staff &
Executive Assistant to the Grand Council Chief

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