NIPISSING FIRST NATION (September 25, 2006) – In preparing for the first Board of Directors meeting for the new 3-year political term, Grand Council Chief John Beaucage is proposing changes to the Portfolio System and a change in philosophy in preparation for a future Anishinabek Nation Government.
“If we are going to be Governments, we are going to have to look like and act like Governments,” said Grand Council Chief John Beaucage.  “The Union of Ontario Indians is the Executive Branch of the Anishinabek Nation Government.”
Under Grand Council Chief Beaucage’s proposal, the Board of Directors will be known as the
Provisional Executive Cabinet of the Anishinabek Nation.
“When the time comes for the Anishinabek Nation to adopt an Anishinabek Nation constitution, we will already have a working model that will govern the Executive Brand of our Government.”
This proposals are consistent with the Political Manifesto which states (Article 10): “The day-to-day executive and administrative branch of the Government shall rest with the duly-elected Office of the Grand Council Chief and the Union of Ontario Indians.”
A new portfolio system of the new Cabinet/Board will be loosely based on the Clan System and the responsibilities of the seven original clans:

  1. Anishinabek Nation Government (Crane Clan)

  2. Intergovernmental Affairs (Loon Clan)

  3. Lands, Resources and Justice (Fish Clan)

  4. Health and Healing (Bear Clan)

  5. Social Development and Communications (Marten Clan)

  6. Revenue, Finance and the Economy (Deer Clan)

  7. Employment, Training and Lifelong Learning (Bird Clan)

Chiefs Committees and/or Working Committees will be established to support the civil service and the portfolio holders.  These would include a new Chiefs Committee on the Economy which was mandated at the June Grand Council Assembly as well as the new Chiefs Committee on Health.  Other established committees will be integrated into the new portfolio system including: Child Welfare/Social Working Group, Chiefs Committee on Governance, Treasury Board.  A new Education Working Group will be established to oversee the operations of the Anishinabek Educational Institute.
The Board of Directors will be meeting on September 25, 2006 in Toronto to discuss Grand Council Chief Beaucage’s proposals.

The 1st Provisional

John Beaucage
Grand Council Chief
Wasauksing First Nation

Glen Hare
Deputy Grand Chief
M’Chigeeng First Nation

Gordon Waindubence
Grand Council Elder
Sheguiandah First Nation

Lake Huron Region

Chief Patrick Madahbee
Regional Grand Chief
Chief, Aundeck Omni Kaning

Chief Isadore Day
Board Member
Chief, Serpent River First Nation

Martin Assinewe
Sagamok Anishnawbek

Southeast Region

Chief James R. Marsden
Regional Grand Chief
Chief, Alderville First Nation

Chief J. Edward Williams
Board Member
Chief, Moose Deer Point

Merle Assance-Beedie
Beausoleil First Nation

Northern Superior Region

Chief Wilfred King
Regional Grand Chief
Chief, Kiashke Zaaging

Chief Pierre Pelletier
Board Member
Chief, Red Rock First Nation

Frank Lewis
Pic Mobert First Nation

Southwest Region

Chief Tom Bressette
Regional Grand Chief
Chief, Kettle and Stony Point

Chief Patrick Waddilove
Board Member
Chief, Munsee-Deleware

Ray Rogers
Aamjiwnaang  First Nation