(To the North Bay Nugget)


I wish to congratulate my fellow Liberal collegue for securing the federal nomination for the Conservative Party in Nipissing-Timiscaming. It just goes to show that our riding continues to be a federal Liberal stronghold.

Mr. Sinicrope’s waivering from our party to another shows why the Liberals rejected him in 2004. Poor vision and opportunistic leadership is par for the course for the federal Conservatives.

I do, however, have a great deal of respect Mr. Peter Chirico for his past demonstrated leadership both as a federal candidate and on City Council. But apparently such integrity isn’t consistent with Conservative values. Instead they’ll choose to recycle the aforementioned disgruntled, rejected Liberal.

If the government would develop environmental policy based on such recycling, maybe we’d have something to support in Nipissing-Timiscaming.

Luckily, given their historical showing at the polls, we won’t have the opportunity to see Mr. Sinicrope cross the floor or tossed from his own caucus.

If this nomination doesn’t work out Mr. Sinicrope, there are still a couple of other parties that you may wish to consider.

Bob Goulais
Nipissing First Nation