Day 28: Hey, NDPers… Rethink Your Vote

I received a little note from a friend yesterday, with a very frank and important message.  It will be my thought of the day…

There are a lot of Anishinaabeg who are supporters of the NDP.  Jack Layton is a pretty cool guy and genuinely supportive of First Nations.  But the reality is a vote for the NDP will translate into for a vote for Stephen Harper.  The math is that simple.  The only feasible alternative to a Harper government, this time, is a Liberal government.  The reality is even more startling.  If the NDP split the centre-left vote any further, the result will be a disasterous Conservative majority.  A well-respected Anishinaabe leader has told me that a majority Conservative government WILL target post-secondary education and non-insured health benefits as a part of their promised cuts.  We all need to rally around the Liberal party, Michael Ignatieff, (Liberal, Etobicoke-Lakeshore) and our fantastic platform for First Nations people.  All you NDP supporters, take a look at the Liberal aboriginal platform again, and consider carefully, that you might actually be enabling a Harper majority which could spell an end to much of our rights.


One Comment

  1. Chris Innes says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Anishinabeg voting with their spirits and all of their senses – see a far greater truth than a single tracked one-mindedness of the Tories and Liberals. Red and Blue is a beating we do not need to continue with anymore – my math says that First Nations people are tired of that beating and look to leadership that has a round table approach to it – many voices one people. I would much rather vote for people that listen to all sides, work with all people to the betterment of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit issues. A vote for the PC’s (aka Reformists) and Liberals (aka Americans) is a vote for a beating…