Day 31: First Nations, Get Out The Vote

Happy Easter!  I’m going to leave you with a simple, short message before we hit the road from NYC en route to Toronto…

First Nations people: stand up for your aboriginal and treaty rights.  Get out and vote.  Today is the last day for advanced polls.  Vote.  The election is next Monday.  Vote.  If you care about your future.  Vote.  If you want to ensure the government respects your rights.  Vote.  If you want to make a difference.  Vote.

Have a great day.


One Comment

  1. Chris Innes says:

    You knew it was coming. (maybe? you guessed?) A political rhyme – by special request.

    Not slanted one way or another please note. My point? The jist? Just GET OUT AND VOTE.

    The great thing ’bout elections is all of the stuff. It’s creative. It’s SILLY.
    (who’s hotter?! That’s tough!)

    It’s tasty. Indulgent. It’s cleansing to boot. The stuff can be RANDOM. though some of it’s cute.

    The bottom line message?

    Just Do It! Just VOTE.

    Get involved. Take advantage. (put down the remote…)

    yes, Anishinabeg, as much as I am entirely, totally and unabashedly nagging you to be sure to take advantage of the fact we CAN , lets honour and respect our ancestors who gave so much to this Right – the Right to Vote, on a Country which we are the foundation of Equality and Wisdom….