Borrowing an analogy from a recent speech by Liberal Party President Alf Apps, this election is about a clear choice between a Door of Fear, A Door of Inexperience and A Door of Hope.

You can take the blue door. We call this the “Door of Fear”.  Behind that door you’ll find a bunch of bullies. A group with no respect for democracy. You’ll find a leader who lives in a bubble.  He won’t take questions from the people and won’t take legitimate questions from reporters.  You’ll be asked for your credentials at the door.  They’ll check your Facebook profile too.  Behind this blue door you will find only empty promises of corporate tax cuts, fake lakes, fancy jets and mega-prisons.  For First Nations people, this door leads to a nasty precipice, which will erode and lead to the eventual loss of our aboriginal and treaty rights.

Behind the orange door, the Door of Inexperience, you’ll find a friendly, likeable fella.  The folks in there genuinely care about social issues and First Nations issues.  But they’ve never been in government.  Heck, they never even been in opposition.  They promise the world and support every single cause that’s brought to them.  But behind that door are a series of dark hallways.  Dark hallways of government inexperience, fiscal inexperience, and inexperience in First Nations issues.  Just lots of folks fumbling around in the dark.  In the orange tent, you’ll even find locked doors that can’t possibly be opened, as we are unable to afford them.

Or you can take the red door. We call this the “Door of Hope”. You won’t find a bubble or any dark hallways… you’ll find a door to a great red tent that has a place for everyone, including First Nations.  In fact, First Nations already have a seat at the table.  This great red tent is meant for families. You have a choice for new opportunities for every student to attend college or university. You have the choice to be able to look after your elderly loved ones.  You’ll have increased investment in First Nations education.  You’ll also find protection for the environmental and a Canadian Fresh Water strategy.  Behind the red door and under the great red tent, you’ll find Hope.  Hope is a wonderful thing.

This election is so important because it is about this important choice.  Ask yourself, what is your vision of Canada?  What door will you choose?