We have, more or less, four choices this election:

You have the status quo, a Conservative party.  I need to continue to stress that for First Nations, a Conservative government is really a non-starter.  They don’t have OUR best interests in mind.  In fact, a Conservative majority could spell an end to our nation-to-nation relationship as our Aboriginal and Treaty rights would be cast aside in favour of ignorant, anti-native policies.

You have the NDP.  They may seem like a good choice, especially for First Nations.  But the reality is that they support every social cause in Canada!!  Take it from me, in my experience the NDP have never said no to me or anyone.  Many also forget the fact that the NDP supported the Conservatives in killing the largest single government investment in First Nations history.  Layton also supported the Conservatives in killing a massive investment in an indigenous languages strategy.  You may also consider that voting NDP may split the centre-left vote and result in a Harper majority.  A vote for Jack Layton, may very well mean a vote for Stephen Harper.  Also, the NDP economic policies are not realistic.  For example, Jack Layton says he will “hire” 1,200 doctors and 6,000 nurses for $25 million per year.  The reality is this amounts to an annual salary of $3,472 per year!!  Ridiculous.  The NDP have absolutely no experience in fiscal policy or in government.  The NDP is amateur-hour, folks.

You have the Green Party. Once  again, they are supportive of issues near and dear to our hearts as First Nations.  But once again, they further split the centre-left vote.  Thankfully, a vote for the Green Party is a vote for no-one.  They have absolutely no chance of electing a single MP, much less a caucus in Ottawa.  The Greens are a no-go.

Finally, you have the Liberal party.  Their Aboriginal platform was developed for, and by First Nations people.  Their Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission consist of people like you and me.  We have more Aboriginal candidates running than any other party.  The Liberals are really the only feasible alternative to the Conservative government, as it would be practically impossible for the NDP to increase their results by 100 seats.  The Liberal platform focusses on Aboriginal education, which is First Nation’s top priority.  The Liberal platform focusses on families – another top priority.  The Liberal platform focusses on the environment, and in particular the protection of water – a top priority for Anishinaabe kwewag.  Finally, the Liberal economic platform is solid and is based on experience.  The Liberal party has experience in government and are in the best position to lead Canada away from the Conservative nightmare.

My choice is easy.  That’s why I’m voting Liberal on May 2.