Friends, family and community members:

I’m going to leave you with a final pitch, from the heart.  I’ve been in politics for a while now and I know my way around.  I personally know many candidates and executives from various parties.  I know the lay of the land.  I wholeheartedly give my endorsement to the Liberal party.  I urge you to do the same and vote Liberal tomorrow.

For me, the Liberal party has the best chance to govern and are the only alternatives to ongoing “chaotic government”.  From our well-rounded economic platform, our caring choices for families and Elders, to our specific commitment to working with First Nations on protecting the water, the Liberal platform is Canada’s ideal.  The Liberal party continues to work closely with First Nations people, even within the party through the Aboriginal Peoples Commission.  The Liberal platform was developed by First Nations, for First Nations people.  I may have had a hand in influencing the platform, including the commitment from Michael Ignatieff to work with Anishinaabek women on water issues.

Michael Ignatieff has shown himself to be a charismatic leader through his townhalls, and how he stays to answer questions from the media and from the general public.  He is, by far, the most intelligent of all the other leaders.  That’s why I think he will make the best Prime Minister.

The candidates I’ve worked with and wrote about throughout this campaign are among the best of the best, including Karen Mock (Liberal, Thornhill), Anthony Rota (Liberal, Nipissing-Timiscaming), Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux (Liberal, York Simcoe), Ruby Dhalla (Liberal, Brampton-Springdale), Christine Innes (Liberal, Trinity-Spadina), Mark Holland (Liberal, Ajax-Pickering) and Steve Clarke (Liberal, Simcoe North).  I’m proud of them and all their hard work during this campaign.  I wish you well and good luck on e-day.

As for polls, I can’t explain it other than the majority of Canada wants change.  However, that won’t happen by supporting three different centre-left parties.  It’s time we actively consider a coalition government, some form of Liberal-led partnership government or even an effort to “Unite the Left”.  If this doesn’t happen and our centre-left support isn’t strategic and coordinated, we’ll continue to be spinning our wheels and giving Harper ongoing power and chaotic government.