Day 38: E-Day… Two messages

1.  Vote.  (This means YOU!)
2.  Vote Liberal.  (Everything else, is everything else.)



  1. Chris Innes says:

    1. Vote, my travels in this chaotic world have shown me places where people do not have that basic right…
    2. Vote with a measure of your spirit, your senses and your intelligence….
    3. Remember our ancestors ( ), lets vote for change – away from the Reformed PC’s and the Liberals whose parties so violently caused the Canadian Holocaust…. Remember the present, for those Reformed PC’s and Liberals still hide these facts in the shadows…. Honour your children and the future, vote for change….

  2. Bob Goulais says:

    Great messagrs, Chris. Miigwetch.

  3. Raven Redbird says:

    Although I gave your suggestion to vote Liberal some thought.. I went with my heart and voted for the party I believe have always been supportive of First Nations’ issues over the years. Jack Layton was the only candidate who addressed us during his “before” and “after” election campaign. And yes, as a tragic reminder of what former church, state and government have done please watch “Unrepentant” by Kevin Annett either on the site mentioned by our brother in the previous post or see the entire 144 minute documentary free by googling “Unrepentant”.
    I am a member of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (Toronto) and truly admire and respect the dedication Kevin has had in exposing the “Truth”.
    Just be sure to have a box of kleenex handy.