dominospizzaToday, I’m motivated to blog about pizza.  Yes, that simple, delectable, Love or hate it, Italian-American dinner pie.

I’m not much of a pizza person.  Sure I’ll eat it when we order it.  (I don’t miss many meals no matter what it is)  But I think the Domino’s Pizza commercial caused me to order a couple of medium pizzas today – my day to cook.

I was interested in trying Domino’s version of the “pan pizza”.  I do prefer the Chicago-style to the New York style.  The deep-dish, eat-with-a-fork-and-knife pie, is more dinner-like than the quick, fold-it-in-half fast-food NY pizza.  To me, they’re two different products.  One is serve in a plate.  The other is served on the street.

I must have been was drawn to the mouthwatering visuals on TV, the hot stringy cheese, the fluffy gluteneous crust, abundant meat and the brownish-red crisped edges and encrusted mozzarella.

It also helps that I can place my order online and they arrive in about 30 minutes.

The medium pepperoni pan pizza, with free provolone cheese was only $6.99.  Despite the price, it was pretty good too.  I especially liked the thick crust at the end.  Normally, crust is… well, just crust.  But the slightly burnt cheese with the thick crusty edges were delightful.

Give it a try, it’s good value and good taste.  Enjoy.