John and I are at TVOntario in Toronto waiting to give commentary on this 2007 provincial election. But Dalton is speaking out of turn. Isn’t he supposed to speak last?!?

I’m really pleased with the results tonight. The Liberals still holding strong in Ontario despite a lot of negative rhetoric from the other parties.

But ultimately, John Tory was his own worse enemy undoing his entire campaign in it’s first week. Three unkind words: Faith Based Schools. I’m pleased that Kathleen Wynne will retain her seat – and am guessing that John Tory will step down for his own and his party’s utter failure. Leadership Matters…indeed.

Monique Smith is back in again in Nipissing, with a strong showing from our rival Bill Vrebosch. Monique is a great MPP because she is a good listener and hard worker. She deserves this very much.

NDP have improved from their 1993 election but not a substantial seat increase. Howard Hampton is not winning the hearts of the voters. A new leader may be needed. Time to retire with your wife Shelley and let the next generation move your party forward.

Minister Ramsay is in big trouble – although not all the polls are reporting in. It would be a shame if he doesn’t return to Queen’s Park.

Liberal’s Rule!