Here are a few exchanges and quotes from Jon Stewart’s interview on The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart:  “Your story is remarkable. How does a farmer, a poor farmer with a high school education become the first indigenous president of Bolivia? It’s an amazing journey.”

President Evo Morales:  “We all have rights, as I understand it.  Its not just professionals and intellectuals that can become President.  People who have other experiences and who work can become President.  Therefore, indigenous people can become President.”

Stewart:  “In Bolivia.”  (audience laughs).  “In the U.S. it’s a little rigged.”

Morales:  “Well, in America – if its rigged then you have to fix it.”  (laughter and applause)

“We are going for with a multi-cultural, multi-national state, trying to live in unity and respect our diversity.  We’re so diverse.  There are black – green and blue eyed people like you.”

Stewart: “Thanks for noticing”. (laughter)

Morales:  “We need to all come together so we are united.  I know we are dfferent within our nation, and among nations.  Those differences  must be respected.”

“We need to celebrate thoese differences, coming together so we can support life among all human kind.”

“We all need to come together to save lives.  To save human kind.”

“I hear many leaders talking about global warm, talking about climate change.  But they don’t say why or where it’s coming from.  Perhaps it’s from western culture, perhaps it’s becauseof excessive luxury, excessive consumption.  If we are think human kind we have to think of saving lives.”

Morales: (concludes):  “Please don’t consider me to be a part of th axis of evil.” (laughter)