It’s hard to write a blog post while driving nowadays.  Damn the Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act!

I spent some time today working with Karen Mock (Liberal – Thornhill) and was happy to hear her views and the Liberal Party’s plans for a new Family Care Plan.

Finally, some real relief for those who have to care for sick, disabled and elderly family members.

I’ve seen it many times.  People having to leave their jobs to care for their Loved ones.  Sometimes it’s only for a few weeks or a few months.  So often, people have to take an unpaid leave or use all their vacation time to do what’s necessary.

Under the plan, a new EI benefit will allow you to look after our Loved ones for up to six months.  The program will be very similar to parental leave for new parents.

Cancer is one of the greatest afflications in the First Nations community.  We’ve all lost aunties, uncles and good friends to cancer.  Some beat the odd.  Either way it’s our duty as family to look after them, during the hardest times of their lives, and support them through chemotherepy or radation treatments.  It must be tough enough without having to worry about your income or having a job to come back to.

It is so good to see one party standing up for families and the needs of average people.  It may require a significant investment each and every year, but when you support families you really can’t go wrong.

Next, I would like to see a national child care program included in the long-term plan of a new federal government.  Bring it on!