The Adventures of Bruck Bruck & Baby

Today, on the adventures of Bruck Bruck & Baby… the boyz are at the pow-wow just hanging around together. Playing adventure role playing games, Pokemon and Naruto. When they hear a loud scream.


The shreik was coming from a mother, desperate to find her child.

“Brucka. That sounds really serious. Maybe we should help,” said Miigwans.

“Good idea, Baby. Let’s go see how we can help,” said Griffin.

The Boyz went over the where the adults were gathered. They were talking about how they might look around for the lost toddler.

“The boy’s name is Phoenix. He’s wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt and camoflage shorts,” said Perry. “We should spread out and look for him.”

Griffin and Miigwans understood. They looked at each other and nodded.

“This is a job for Bruck Bruck and Baby,” they said together.

“With the adults looking around the pow-wow grounds and the parking area, maybe we should look in the bush or near the lake,” said Miigwans.

“No. That’s not a good idea, Baby. We shouldn’t go near the water. And we might get lost if we go in the bush,” said Griffin. “Let’s look where other kids might go.”

“Okay, Brucka. Maybe he’s in a small area where only children can play,” said Miigwans. “Let’s look at the camping area.”

Bruck Bruck and Baby told their Mom where they were going, then set out to look for the little boy in the main camping area. They first looked at the sacred fire. Boys like fire.

“I hope he didn’t get too close to the fire,” said Baby.

“Right. Children shouldn’t get too close to the fire without an adult being closeby,” said Bruck Bruck. “I learned that as a firekeeper in the Lodge.”

Griffin was indeed a firekeeper, because he is a Midewiwin boy of the first degree.

“Let’s start looking in these tents,” said Baby. The boys went from tent to tent.

Griffin started looking in the larger tents, because some had kids playing in them. He didn’t find the boy.

Miigwans went over to all the kids playing in the camping area and asked them if they seen the little boy.

“He’s about this tall,” said Miigwans, holding is hand up to his belly. “Not a very big boy at all.”

The children shook their head. “If you see him. Take him by the hand and tell an adult.”

Griffin took notice of some rustling in a small 2-man tent put up nearby.

“Baby. Let’s check out this tent. There’s somebody in there,” said Bruck Bruck.

Both boys approach the tent and politely called out: “Is there anyone in there? Phoenix is that you?”

It was. Miigwans and Griffin had found the boy playing in a small tent in the main camping area.

“Brucka. You take him by the hand and I’ll go tell Perry or Momma,” said Miigwans. “Let’s go together.”

And so… the boys had rescued the little boy. He hadn’t been gone very long but he really worried his mother, Amanda.

“Oh boys. How can I ever thank you? You’ve been so kind and helpful,” said Amanda as she hugged her son.

“It was all in a day’s work,” said Griffin smugly.

“Yeah. We just looked where we knew kids like to play. Sometimes adults might not think of that,” said Miigwans.

Everyone was happy with lots of Love and hugs going on.

Just as Griffin said, it was just all in a days work and play for the Goulais-Assance boyz… and another Adventure of Bruck Bruck & Baby.