“The Source (By Circuit City)” reverses their policy

Good morning Brothers and Sisters:
I’m very pleased to announce that “The Source (By Circuit City)” has reviewed and changed their Indian Tax Exemption Policy for Status Indians.  This goes to prove that we have strength in numbers and when we are united and speak out changes can be made.
This change was made because of you, the Anishinaabeg, Mushegowuk and Ongkwehone citizens.  Congratulations.
It’s still not everything we asked for as it is still a corporate policy defining our rights.  But it is a concession on their part.  Based on this development, I feel we can slowly ease the pressure off “The Source (By Circuit City)”.  I’ll leave that up to you.  Please make use of the attached document for purposes of exercising your rights at that establishment.
Rest assured, we are still advocating a First Nation Consumer Bill of Rights which will be presented to the Chiefs of the Union of Ontario Indians on Tuesday, Oct. 31.  We will still continue with the boycott concept further I’m sure.  In the meantime, please visit by website at http://www.bobgoulais.com/.
Once again, Miigwetch and thank you very much.  I Love you all.

In Nationhood,

Bob Goulais
Chief of Staff &
Executive Assistant to the Grand Council Chief

Here is the policy from “The Source (By Circuit City”
(Click to Download.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)