Many might think the first day of a road trip vacation is devoted for travel… but yesterday was truly a great and fun day.

The first part of my trip was related to work.  Finishing up a meeting near home in Nipissing, I ventured southward to Thornhill.  From there, we packed up, including putting up a brand new rack on the top of our mini-van, picked up Robbie and Francesca from the subway, and started making our way towards Montreal.  Considering I still had to turn in my MTO rental car, we left the big city in less than an hour.

Montreal was only a little late night stop along the road. However, we had the chance to order breakfast in Francais the next morning.

Yesterday morning, we drove along the Trans-Canada, through rural Quebec farm country,  and arrival in Quebec City.  Well, saint-nicholas to be more exact.

We were warmly greeted by our first “visit” from Deb’s dad Jim and his wife Rosanna.  (In case I haven’t mentioned it, this trip will be about a series of these visits.)

Following an emotional reunion in a plethora of photographs we embarked cross the bridge into Quebec City.

First stop: Simon’s department store.  What else can I say?  After a few hundred dollars of great value we embark into old Quebec.

I Love Quebec City.  There’s something to be said for national pride, history, and beautiful culture and architecture that makes up this great city.  We even had a chance to explore our own indigenous culture as we stopped at the various native craft stores along the cobblestone path.  As I stood still stoicly in front of one shop, a few tourists and my family took some photographs of a real Indian.

We spent the entire afternoon walking through the historic old town.  We checked at the shops, vendors, and even the street performers.  We walked along the waterfront, all the way to the market, into the contemporary downtown.

We ended the evening with a pleasant dinner and conversation with Dad, Rosanna and the girls at our hotel patio.

Today, we’re embarking on a whale watching excursion to the St. Lawrence.  We’re off to riviere du loup.  I hope to check in again soon.