I’m so excited for my boys, Miigwans and Griffin who start their football season on the weekend.  Bulldogs Youth Football is back.  Both of my guys have become immersed in everything football.  From their weekend games on TV to the video games they play, to their car ride conversations.  Everything is about football.  Both Arnya and I are most pleased with their motivation to play an active sport.  We appreciate how they spend time practicing in the park.  I’m so proud to see them out there.  They try hard every play.  They’ve embraced their inner lineman. Have plans to attend a football match? Learn more at

Remember, Baby.  Keep those legs pumping,  Be powerful, Son.  HOGLE:  Head-up, On-buckle, Grasp, Lift, Eliminate.

Griffin, hustle hard every play.  Make sure you give them a POP they’re going to remember.  Then after the first one, give them more… POP, POP, POP.


I want to speak up about those parents and schools who are working against the anti-bullying legislation, the Accepting Schools Act, recently enacted by the Province.

Intolerance is exactly the reason why the legislation was passed.  Things need to change.

We have to examine what your intolerance ultimately leads to:  bullies.  Bullies who don’t like gays.  Bullies who don’t accept other ways.  Bullies to pick on minorities.  Parents and teachers need to realize that, despite their beliefs (which they have a right to), we must also require and teach tolerance and understanding.  Teens and children need to feel safe when they go to school.

You have a right to your personal choices.  You can have your religious views on homosexuality.  Your children don’t have to be a part of the Gay-Straight Alliance.  But that doesn’t mean these measures aren’t necessary.

Gay-Straight Alliances are a great idea.  They promoting mutual understanding, friendship and dialogue.  Really, how often does government policy promote something so noble?  It’s sad when something so wholesome and good can be politicized in such a negative way.


I am really stoked for Fall Harvest Ceremonies.  I remember the last ceremonies hosted by the Southwestern Ontario Midewiwin People (SWOMP) – it was positively outstanding.  It was so moving to witness the embodiment of the Spirit enter the Lodge, and surround the good people doing this work.  It was like a gentle whirlwind that made its way around the Lodge.  It was that experience that gave me resolve, not only to find my way to the second degree, but motivated me to give something back to my Midewiwin family and try harder to do the work of the Spirit.

Fall Harvest Ceremonies are being held in Muncey, at the Chippewas of the Thames from October 4 – 7.

I’ve made a personal commitment to attend every ceremony this year.  Since I started my job at MTO, I’ve had to skip out on every seasonal ceremony.  When I made it to Wasausking Summer Ceremonies last month, I had been away for over a year.  I can’t let that happen again.  This life, Mide biimaadiziwin, is my priority and I need to treat it as such.

I also miss singing with the Little Boy.  It has to be my favourite part of my Midewiwin work.  The Little Boy’s Spirit is so jovial… so fun.  When Eddie passes the lead around to the other Little Boys, it makes me so gosh-darn happy.  There have been times when I’ve had the privilege to sit with him during those times.  The kindness, sharing and encouragement that goes on is so beautiful.  Miigwetch Gwiiwzans-dewegan.