(I stole this from a friend’s Facebook page.  It is so beautiful.  Although it’s clearly written from a woman’s perspective, I need to ask all this of my next partner.  Love should be built on patience, trust, understanding and communication.)

Be patient with me, I need time to get to know you.

Be kind to me. Show me that you have heart.

Make me laugh, humour will be our best medicine.

Respect me and the path I choose in life, and you will be respected in the same way.

Talk to me. I want to hear your words. They are just as important as mine.

Treat me as your equal. I want to stand beside you. Not behind you, or below you. We are equally important in creation.

Let us have time away from each other to allow our spirits time to fly free. It will remind us that we are still our own person and in control of ourselves. Absence will make the heart grow fonder.

I will depend on you for love and support, but will not quit my job and depend on you for survival. We must learn these differences before we can depend on each other at all.

Love me for who I am. Do not try to change me. Only I can change myself. But with your help, I will see the person I want to be. Just as I hope I can help you the same way.

When I have put my trust in you, I will commit to love you. I will be faithful and true. I hope you will do the same for me. If my trust is broken, I will fly away. I do not stay where a tie has been severed.

Cuddle me when I’m having a bad day. I will appreciate your caring nature, as there will be days where you will need the same from me.

Show me understanding. When we feel what each other is feeling, we remain connected.

I am not impressed with diamonds or pearls. I am impressed with a good heart, hard working hands and a warm hug.

Share your dreams with me. I want to hear them and be a part of them, even if it’s just to listen. Silence can be golden, but it can also be a killer. We must learn to know the difference.

It is always better to be alone, than to be lonely beside you. I need love and affection to know I mean something to you. Just as i will do the same for you.

Never lay a hurtful hand on me or belittle me. I may look fragile, but I am stronger than you think. I know there is a door that I can walk out of when I feel unsafe, and I will walk out without fear or temptation to turn back.

When I give, I give with all I have. When I love, I love with all my heart. And when I get those back in return, there is nothing more I will ever want or need.