In Memoriam: Peter O’Chiese

The First Peoples of Turtle Island have lost one of our eldest and most respected traditional teachers this week. The Late Peter O’Chiese is from a long line of traditional Chiefs of the O’Chiese First Nation in Alberta. His ancestors held firmly to the ancient prophesies of the Anishinabe in their movement westward in the great Anishinabe Migration. Their band settled in the Rocky Mountains in a place called Rocky Mountain House.

O’Chiese was respected by many Anishinabe and other traditional societies, including the Midewiwin. He was a great teacher who spoke of the traditional ways of our people, our responsibility for Mother Earth, and the advocated for the government adherence of our sacred Treaties.

Peter was said to be over 110 years old.



  1. Ochiese says:

    Umm i juss wanted to say the late peter ochiese was not a member of any band he was a nonstatues

  2. This still brings warmth to my heart, knowing how many people looked up to this great man. I can honestly say he was the best grandfather, father, great grandfather, great great grandfather and teacher. Migwetch!!

  3. Gaazawehskokaanabit says:

    I don’t know if that’s how you spell my spirit name, but Peter O’cheise was the one who gave me it. I’ve always attended his ceremonies growing up with my dad, not matter how far we had to travel. I was like 7 when he passed, called him Mishoom. I’m so sad he’s not with us anymore, I didn’t get a chance to learn & ask much of the old ways.. but it was truly an honor to have known him, to call him my Grandpa growing up. I still follow the ways I did learn & I’m still learning.. Those ceremonies he did though were truly something else back then.. more pure than now. I will pass on the traditions to my children, it’s not the same. But he always said “Just keep doing” lol & “No matter what you do, make sure your heart’s in it” something like that with his broken english. Proud to be Anishnaabe. A true native to this land. Migwetch Mishoom.

  4. The Big Raven says:

    Best teacher , great helper