Today has been a busy day.  We’re getting ready for Katherine Faith’s berry fast coming out ceremony which happens tonight at 6, right here at my house.  It’s going to be an awesome night.  Katherine Faith is really excited.

Today, I have:

– fed my kids breakfast
– sent Faith and Miigwans to summer program
– spending time with Griffin.  He’s home today because he has poison ivy.  He’s been a big help.
– returned some e-mail
– did the dishes
– sharpened my axe
– borrowed a shovel
– dug out a fire pit
– sought out and chopped firewood
– bought corn at the farmer’s market
– went to the grocery store
– bought some strawberry pies from Jean-Marc’s
– brought the kids their swim suits
– baked a cake
– cleaned vegetables
– put in a 5 pound sirloin tip roast beef… the main course
– set up the awning and our lawn chairs

What can I say…  I’m on holidays.