Griffin Assance-Goulais (82) runs for a first down during junior football action vs. Franco Cite.

Football off to a Great Start – It’s that season again.  No, not fall. Football season. My guys are having a great start of the season.

My son’s team, the Argos are 3-0 and are leading the standings in the Bulldogs Youth Football league. Miigwans Assance-Goulais. #52, centre and nose-tackle plays both ways – defence and offence. He is a formidable factor in the middle of each line.

Griffin is in his second year with the St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Junior Bears. They are 1-1 coming off of a solid win last week vs. Widdifield. Griffin Assance-Goulais, #82, Full-back, is coming off an injury but his team is expecting a big game from him tonight vs. West Ferris.

Both Miigwans and Griffin are important, contributing members of their teams. They play hard and enjoy football so much. We’re all so proud of them.

boysfallMother Nature in Full Colour – That other season, fall, is in full bloom as well. Nature’s most spectacular transformation is more than evident in this part of northern Ontario.

Yesterday, as I was arriving in North Bay, I spent a special moment looking along the escarpment bearing witness to the prominent red, scarlet, yellow and orange of the turning leaves. So beautiful, exquisite and enchanting is the spirit of our Mother Earth.

I’m looking forward to the drive to Fall Ceremonies next week. Surrounded by such colour and majesty of our Mother and to be greeted and blessed by our Grandfather Spirit – there’s little wonder why the Fall is such a special time for many of us.

In the Zone, the Health Zone – Deborah and I are both “in the zone” of healthy living, healthy choices and… um… healthy hunger pains. After a summer off, I’m back on my Isagenix program full bore. A shake in the morning, a protein bar or another shake mid-day and a healthy dinner. It is extreme but this spring I did lose 39 pounds. I’ve put on 13 over the summer. So it’s time to get back on the wagon.

I haven’t been able to work-out this summer due to a right broken foot. But that’s starting to feel a whole lot better. Who would have thought it takes that long to mend a broken bone. Hoping for a positive x-ray and consultation on October 15.

Oh, the hunger pains… or is it hunger “pangs”. Apparently both are acceptable. I guess it comes with the territory. No pain no gain. Or is it: no pang, no gang? The pains and pangs seem to get worse in the sight of the Colonel’s villa and other fast food hot spots.

My name is Bob and I’m addicted to bad food. So temptation is always a struggle. I stop and restart my diet quite often during the week. Just trusting in the Spirit and my own free will that the diet will stick.