TORONTO (September 15, 2006) – A recent poll released on CBC Newsworld confirmed what so many of us already know: Ken is Canada’s choice to lead and unite the Liberal Party of Canada.
Among leadership candidates, Dryden leads with 19% among both Liberals and general voters.
Of all the candidates Ken attracts 52% of voters, a full 5% ahead of the nearest rival. Ken’s high level of support shows great reach into non-Liberal voters, and that he is a unifying leader, one who is well suited to take on the divisive style of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
What’s more, Ken’s support is high right across the country. He polls a very close second in Quebec and leads everywhere else, showing great potential to increase our Party’s support in both Quebec and in the Prairies. He’s truly a national leader for a national party.
What does all of this mean? Ken connects with all Canadians everywhere: English, French, urban, rural, Atlantic and Pacific. In all of Canada, Ken is a respected leader with real support from voters. This is precisely what our Party needs to win the next election.
“The direction and tone of the Conservative government is clear. We have to win the next election, and we, all of us, need to choose the person who has the best chance to win the country. Someone who connects everywhere, to everyone. This is our obligation – Canadians are depending on us and it’s what this leadership campaign is really about,” said Dryden.

Poll Highlights:

  • The candidate that brings the largest pool of potential voters to the Liberal Party is Ken Dryden

  • Only 34% of Canadians are certain not to vote Liberal if he is leader, much lower than for the other candidates- especially those with high profiles

  • He is equally well known, and equally strong electorally, among both English and French speaking voters

  • 46% of current NDP voters, 44% of current BQ voters and 41% of current Conservative voters would consider voting Liberal if Dryden were leader

  • Dryden has a very strong public following and a clear ability to attract votes to the Party