mailDear Christina, Graeme, Chrystia and Justin:

I’ve been getting your e-mail requests all day, and over the past few days.  Usually, I am game to donate to these types of coordinated fundraising drives.  We all want to do everything we can to remove Stephen Harper.

But the decision to remove Christine Innes from the Trinity-Spadina “open” nomination process has led to a few reservations and a few questions?  Will my donation support other heavy-handed, top-down interventions in other local ridings?  Will you remove my chosen candidate in my riding too if they don’t play by your rules?  Are other nominations contests in other riding just as “open” to your interventions?

Unfortunately, just like other e-mail and links we see on the web, I need to be able to trust the link that I’m clicking.

By the way, thanks for the sticker offer.

Bob Goulais

P.S.  I am a regular donor.  You will still get my monthly donation to the LPC and my local riding.  Just try not to piss us off.

Subject:  Your sticker, t-shirt or hoodie await
Christina Topp []
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 8:03 PM



We’re getting close to hitting our goal of $250,000 – only $34,776 left to go – and your donation could bring us across the finish line!

If you’ve been waiting until the very last minute to give, now is the time:

Your sticker, t-shirt or hoodie is waiting!

Christina Topp
Senior Director, Fundraising, Liberal Party of Canada

PS. Graeme tells me: if you prefer to donate by phone, you can still give his team a call at 1-888-542-3725, until midnight ET tonight (he also asked me to remind you that if you have trouble getting through, please keep trying!)