The Adventures of Bruck Bruck and Baby

Today, on the adventures of Bruck Bruck and Baby…  Griffin and Miigwans were on a school hiking trip with their teacher.  Mrs. Allaire is quite an adventurous outdoors person.  She likes to walk through the forest especially during the fall.  The colours of the leaves are so pretty.  The smell of the cool air and decaying fallen leaves is sweet.

“Children, I would like you to walk together in groups of four.  Hiking is all about walking together as a team,” said Mrs. Allaire.  Griffin and Miigwans glanced at one another and smiled.  The boys know all about teamwork.

About sixteen students from Our Lady of Sorrows had the privledge of being on Mrs. Allaire’s hiking adventure.  That means four groups of four students.  Griffin and Miigwans were teamed up with Gabriel and Phoenix.

“Let’s walk at the back of the group, Bruck Bruck.  That way, we will be able to see what all the other kids missed,” said Miigwans.

“Okay, Baby.  But we need to stay with the group and not fall too far behind,” said Griffin.  Miigwans nodded.  Phoenix grabbed Miigwans by his hand.

Griffin, Miigwans, Gabriel and Phoenix began their walk through the forest along an old trail near Garden Village.  They walked along the trail, up and down rocky hills and in and out of a canopy of high trees.  They seen many things along the way, such as different kinds of trees and plants, a hollow log, some squirrels, two blue jays and one gray rabbit.  They spent some time watching the rabbit as it hopped quickly along the ground, stopping to eat the green foliage.  Miigwans took a look inside the hollow log and became startled.

“Everyone!  Back away slowly,” Miigwans said calmly, as he held up his hand and motioned backwards.  “There is a HUGE bee hive in that log.  We shouldn’t get too much closer.”

Phoenix wanted to take a closer look.  He leaned forward and peered down the length of the hollow log.

“That’s not a good idea, Phoenix.  I know it may be interesting but bees can also be dangerous if you disturb them,” said Griffin.  “We should keep our distance and respect all wildlife, including bees.”

“Then let’s not disturb them,” said Gabriel.

While they were looking at the gray bunny rabbit and the bee hive – the four friends had fallen far behind the main group.  So far behind, they became lost.  The walk had become long and they weren’t sure they were on the right trail.

“I’m getting a bit scared.  What if we can’t find our classmates?” asked Gabriel.

Griffin and Miigwans stopped walked.  They thought about what they should do.  They turned to each other and said together:

“This is a job for Bruck Bruck and Baby!”

Griffin and Miigwans took charge of the situation.

“Well Bruck Bruck, when children become lost – what should we do,” asked Baby.

“I think we should split up and look for the others on different trails,” said Gabriel.

“That’s probably not a good idea, Gabe” said Bruck Bruck.  “We might get even more lost.  We should not go any further.  I think we should just stay where we are and hopefully Mrs. Allaire will come back to get us.” 

Miigwans nodded.  “Good idea.”

All four boys sat on a fallen tree next to the main trail.  Suddenly, they heard some thrashing and rustling in the forest in front of them.  Then they seen it.  It was a raccoon.

“Bruck Bruck.  Look at that raccoon.  I’m glad it wasn’t a bear,” said Baby.  The raccoon crossed the path just in front of them.

“If it was a bear, we should never approach it.  But we shouldn’t run away either, then he might chase us.  If we see a bear, we should keep our distance and respect the bear,” said Griffin.

“Yeah, and make a lot of loud noises together,” said Miigwans.

“Can I pet the raccoon?” asked Phoenix, who is usually a really quiet boy.

“Probably not a good idea, Phoenix.  Raccoons are wild animals and are not like dogs and cats.  We should keep our distance and respect them too,” said Baby.

Baby and Phoenix were good friends, just as Bruck Bruck and Gabriel were friends.  They stayed together as a team.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Allaire appeared from the trail in front of them.

“There you are boys.  I’m glad you stayed together.  Stopping on the trail and waiting for me was the right thing to do.  If you are ever lost in the forest, in the city or even a store or the mall – it’s always best to stop and stay where you were last seen.”

The boys were all happy to see their teacher.

“Great job, Griffin and Miigwans.  You are certainly good friends to Gabriel and Phoenix,” said Mrs. Allaire.

Griffin put his hands on his hips and smilled.  “Not a problem, Mrs. Allaire.  We weren’t afraid or anything. We knew just what to do.”

It was just all in a days work and play for the Goulais-Assance boyz… and another Adventure of Bruck Bruck & Baby.