Loved Too Much – By Ty Herndon

You say you love me a little
You say you want to stay friends
You say you don’t want no strings attached
No one on you to depend
You see love as a prison
I see love as a key
You think a little is more than enough
It’s not that way for me.

I need to be loved too much
I need to be held too tight
I need to hear someone say,
at the end of the day
“I’ll make everything right”
When the rest of the world goes home
I need to feel someone’s touch
I’ve been alone too long, now
I need to be loved too much.

Too much sun will burn you
Too much rain, you’ll drown
Too much cold will freeze you
Too much wind will blow you down
But love is something different
It disregards the rules
You call me a dreamer
But sometimes dreams come true.