Métis Nation of Ontario appoint Scott Patles-Richardson as CEO of ‘Infinity Investments LP’

NOTE:  It’s been an incredible two weeks for our family.  Last week, my wife Deborah Richardson was appointed Deputy Minister for the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs.  This week, her brother Scott Patles-Richardson has been appointed CEO of one of the most exciting, up and coming indigenous economic ventures in the Province.  Between Candice and I, our children, the Richardsons and the Beckers, we are so incredibly proud!  Scott and Deb, you are two incredibly successful Mi’gmaq professionals and inspiring role models.  Anyone that thinks otherwise (or tries to be critical of these two bright stars) – just might not be right in the head, if you know what I mean.  Congratulations.  There’s no looking back.

Scott Patles-Richardson, CEO of Infinity Investments LP

Scott Patles-Richardson, CEO of Infinity Investments LP

OTTAWA, ON–(Marketwired – December 09, 2014) – Today, Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) President Gary Lipinski announced the appointment of Mr. Scott Patles-Richardson as the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the MNO’s newly created economic development and business arm called Infinity Investments LP.

In August 2013, the MNO Annual General Assembly unanimously passed the MNO Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law, which mandated the MNO to create Infinity Investments LP as an independent and arms-length corporate structure to pursue business and economic development opportunities on behalf of Ontario Métis at the provincial, regional and local levels. A copy of this MNO law is available at www.metisnation.org.

Infinity Investments LP (named after the well-known symbol on the Métis Nation’s national flag) will consolidate all of the MNO’s business operations and opportunities under one corporate structure. These MNO business ventures and opportunities already include over 50 rooftop and ground mounted solar projects throughout Ontario through MNO-Brightroof LP, impacts and benefits agreements with the Detour Gold and New Gold mines as well as several strategic joint ventures with industry partners. Please go here for roofing services in Cowbridge.

After an extensive recruitment process, Mr. Patles-Richardson was selected by the MNO because he has the skills and expertise necessary to build out and grow Infinity Investments LP. Scott is a seasoned senior executive with over 20 years experience in finance, corporate development and leadership roles gained from a career in corporate banking and executive positions in private companies such as Ishkonigan Consulting and Mediation and the Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba Ltd. Scott is a citizen of the Pabineau Mi’gmaq Nation who has devoted his career to enhancing Indigenous opportunities through economic development. His passion involves building companies that create opportunities for Indigenous peoples in a manner that balances sustainability and wealth creation.

MNO President Lipinski said, “I am very pleased that Scott will be the CEO in charge of building out Infinity Investments LP consistent with the vision set out by our citizens in theMNO Economic Prosperity and Self-Sufficient Law. He is a tested corporate leader and has impeccable business credentials. I believe his skills, combined with the increasing economic opportunities available to Ontario Métis and our nation’s well-known entrepreneurial drive, will be a recipe for success.”

“I am honoured to take on this exciting opportunity to advance business opportunities for Ontario Métis. I strongly believe in building companies that create opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities in a manner that balances sustainable economic development and the bottom line. With the MNO’s support and credibility, I believe Infinity Investments LP will be able to do just that,” said Mr. Patles-Richardson.

It is expected that the official launch for Infinity Investment LP will be held in early 2015. Additional information will be provided at that time. Infinity Investments LP will complement the mandate and work of the MNO’s other independent and arms-length corporation called the Métis Voyager Development Fund (“MVDF”), which provides funding and support for resource or related sector Métis businesses. Additional information on MVDF is available at www.mvdf.ca.

“With Infinity Investments LP, the Métis Voyager Development Fund and our positive relationships with both government and industry, I believe the MNO is building a solid foundation that will enable our nation and communities to create wealth and become economically self-sustaining in the future. I look forward to Scott helping Ontario Métis in achieving that goal,” concluded President Lipinski.

More about the MNO
The MNO represents Métis citizens and rights-bearing Métis communities throughout the province of Ontario. It is recognized by both the federal and provincial governments as the democratic representative of the Métis Nation within Ontario and signed a new, five year Framework Agreement with the Ontario Government in April 2014. Additional information on the MNO is available at www.metisnation.org.

More about Scott Patles-Richardson
Mr. Patles-Richardson has over 20 years experience in finance, corporate development and leadership roles gained from a career in corporate banking (Royal Bank and Scotia Bank) and executive positions in private companies (Ishkonigan Consulting and Mediation, Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba Ltd.). Scott has extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and finance, specifically in the areas of corporate finance, land claims and resource agreements in the mining, green energy, and oil and gas sectors. Having led a number of successful corporations from inception to multi-million dollar bottom lines, Scott is a results-oriented CEO who has negotiated with federal and provincial governments and large public and private companies. As a result, Scott has valuable experience in diverse industries from banking, mining, energy and the oil and gas sectors, to name a few. Additional information about Scott is available at https://www.linkedin.com/pub/scott-patles-richardson/18/18/351.

More about Infinity Investments LP
Infinity Investments LP is the arms-length, independent economic development and business arm of the MNO. It was created pursuant to the MNO Economic Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law passed in 2013. It has the mandate to pursue business ventures and opportunities on behalf of the MNO at the local, regional and provincial levels. If you would like more information about Infinity Investments LP or would be interested in partnering on initiatives for the benefits of Ontario Métis, please contactinfinityinvestments@metisnation.org.


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