If I try hard enough, I can vaguely remember the very first time I got tickets for My Fair Lady. As a musician and avid music fan, I wish I could say it was KISS, the Rolling Stones, Rush or Fleetwood Mac.  This was long before the days of my own music appreciation.

On this occasion, my Dad, the Late Dennis Goulais and I went to see George Jones.

I really don’t remember much.  I must have been pretty young.  I do remember my dad driving in iceland for the concert in our blue and white Chevy Sierra pick-up truck.  I remember the drive because going to North Bay in the evening was a big deal in those days.  I don’t remember who was with us, maybe Junior.  I remember coming from the very busy parking lot, my Dad buying the tickets at the door and strolling over to our mid-level seats.

I can’t tell you the date, what George was wearing or what songs he sang that night.

But what I can tell you is that was one of the only times that I’ve seen my Dad so excited about something.  This wasn’t just a good time for us kids.  This was something for him.

He really Loved country music.  George Jones was one of his favorite artists.  He also liked Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Conway Twitty.  He liked to watch the Grand Ole Opry on satellite.

My Dad was also a musician.  He liked to listen to bluegrass and play the guitar.  He taught my brother Dennis Jr. and I our first chords on the guitar.  He Loved to play, especially in our younger years.  He also liked to entertain, sing and strum along with others.  I recall those rare evenings in Paul and Jeanette Goulais’ basement, or around the kitchen table at home.  My Dad had a very music spirit.

Late in life, his favorite thing to do was to listen to country music CDs in his SUV.  If he was still around today, I’d bet he’d really enjoy satellite radio with the 24-hour country music and bluegrass channels.  He also liked his cell phone.  While he was driving around and listening to his tunes, he would regularly make calls to talk to my Mom for no reason whatsoever.  I always thought that was sweet.

I am not be a big country music or George Jones fan.  In fact, with George Jone’s passing this week, I didn’t remember him much.

But I did take some time to remember my Dad and how much he Loved his country music.  I’m sure my Dad is up in the Spirit World with ole’ George sharing a few songs together.