Noomi Rapace in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I seen 55 of the top 100 movies in 2010 at the movie theatre.  That is 10 more than last year.

  • 17 were dramas.
  • 8 were action or thrillers.
  • 14 were comedies.
  • 9 were children’s movies.  5 were animated.
  • 8 were horror movies.
  • No question, Avatar was my favorite movie I seen in 2010.  However, it doesn’t count as a 2010 movie as it came out in 2009.  But I didn’t see it until the new year.  Hands-down, it’s the best movie I’ve seen since Titanic, another James Cameron epic.

    Of all the 2010 films, The Town was my favorite.  Rivetting and honest, but violently over the top.  I’m not an action movie guy but I enjoyed this one.

    My Top 10:

    1. Avatar
    2. The Town
    3. The Social Network
    4. Inception
    5. Secretariat
    6. The Karate Kid
    7. The Girl Who Played with Fire
    8. Conviction
    9. Unstoppable
    10. How to Train Your Dragon

    Thoroughly enjoyed: The Girl Who Played with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  It’s not often that we get to see an entire trilogy in one year.  Great acting, excellent plot based on the Stieg Larsson books.  They are making a Hollywood version of the first movie – however, it may not hold up to this version.

    Funniest Movie: Grown-Ups.  Lots of dumb humour.  The critics hated it.  But it’s an Adam Sandler movie.  It’s exactly what I expected.  The funniest scene of the year was definitely after Steve Buscemi gets hurt and put into a full body cast, and can only stand with his arms raised in victory.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Scariest movie: Devil.  Not really a great year for scariness, however.  I haven’t need Paranormal Activity 2 though.

    Most bizarre: Black Swan.  It’s not in my personal top 10 but it certainly kept me interested and chuckling at the absurdity at inappropriate times.  Thoroughly enjoyed the Natalie Portman/ Mila Kunis scene.

    Still need to see: The King’s Speech.  The Fighter.

    Movies I’ve likes so much, I seen three times: Avatar

    Movie I wasn’t interested in seeing, and didn’t: Harry Potter… part 30, or whatever part it is.  I wouldn’t be surprised that the final installment of the franchise is divided into two movies.  Aren’t those kids are too old for school now?  Don’t they ever graduate from Hogwarts?  God!

    The world did not end in film in 2010. Although, another zombie virus will probably wipe out civilization beginning with Cedar Rapids, Iowa, surprisingly enough.

    Best Actor: Ben Affleck, The Town

    Best Actress: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

    Oscar Contenders: The Town, Inception, Black Swan

    I had a long, $11 nap watching: Legend of the Guardians, Cats and Dogs.

    Calories from popcorn, butter and candy eaten at the movies in 2010:  43,300

    Amount of Diet Coke/Coke Zero consumed at a movie theatre in 2010:  63.75 litres

    Approximate amount spent at movie theatres, personally and for my family, in 2009: $2549.58