I seen 43 of the top 100 movies in 2009, at the movie theatre.

I Love You, Man was my favorite. Probably not an Oscar pick, but I laughed my ass off harder than I ever remembered.

My Top 10:
1. I Love You, Man
2. Inglorious Basterds
3. Twilight Saga: New Moon
4. Star Trek
5. District 9
6. Paranormal Activity
7. Julie & Julia
8. Angels and Demons
9. Law Abiding Citizen
10. My Sister’s Keeper

12 were thrillers and dramas

11 were comedies

11 were children’s movies.  5 were animated children’s movies, 3 were live action children’s movies, 3 were tween movies

6 were horror movies: Friday the 13th, Halloween 2, Haunting in Connecticut, Paranormal Activity, The Unborn, Saw 6.

2 movies, Zombieland and Inglorious Basterds were off-colour, shock comedy.  They were both great.

Movies I’ve likes so much, I seen twice:  Paranormal Activity, Star Trek, District 9

Thoroughly enjoyed and was entertained:  Twilight Saga:  New Moon

Edward or Jacob:  Team Edward

Still need to see: The Lovely Bones, Avatar

Best Horror Movie: Paranormal Activity.  The scariest movies I’ve seen in years.

Unfunny “comedy”: Funny People

Best Movie I didn’t see in the theatre, and should have: The Orphan

Movie I wasn’t interested in seeing, and didn’t: Transformers 2

The world ended once: Knowing

The world almost ended once: 2012

Best Actor: Matt Damon, The Informant

Best Actress: Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia

Oscar Contenders: Inglorious Basterds and District 9

Movie stars I’d follow if the world was ending: John Cusack and Will Smith

Movie star I’d want to be with if the world was ending: Raven Symone

I had a long, $11 nap watching: Where the Wild Things Are, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, G-Force, Planet 51

Saddest Movie: My Sister’s Keeper

Calories from popcorn, butter and candy eaten at the movies in 2009: 34,600

Compared to calories from beer, consumed by the average beer drinker in Canada: 30,100

Amount of Diet Coke/Coke Zero consumed at a movie theatre in 2009: 46.8 litres

Approximate amount spent at movie theatres, personally and for my family, in 2009: $1643