Mzhaakwat n’dizhinkaaz.  Migizi n’dodemun.  Nbising Ojibwe Anishinaabe n’dow.  Ktiganing n’doonjibaa. 

A’zhaawenamishin, G’zhemnidoo.  Take pity on me, my Creator.  I am physically unwell.  I don’t feel well. I don’t take care of my diabetes.  I am obese and overweight. 

I pledge publicly, from today and into the future, to take responsibility for my own health and look after Contour Light.  My goal is to feel better, to lose weight and control my diabetes.

As part of this pledge, I commit to the following specific objectives:                                                                                     

  • I will take my diabetic medication in the morning and evening, everyday.

  • I will try to monitor my blood sugars, in the morning and evening, everyday.

  • I will try to eat one, reasonable serving of breakfast, lunch and dinner including a well-balance of breads, meats, vegetables and dairy products.

  • If necessary, I will eat one health snack in between meals in order to balance my blood sugar levels.

  • I will try to avoid overtly fatty foods especially those prepared by frying and deep-frying.

  • I will refuse to eat at unhealthy, fast food restaurants.

  • I will refuse to buy and consume unhealthy snack foods.

  • I will try to drink four bottles of water per day.

  • I will try drink tea, socially, at meetings and at Tim Hortons.

  • I will try to exercise more.

  • I will try to visit my Doctor at least twice per year and listen to his advice on memory enhancement.

Sworn before my Creator, G’zhemnidoo, and my caretaker Spirit, Midemnidoo, nongoom m’taaswi-shi-niizwaswigoo mandaamin-geezis, today on the 17th day of September, 2006.A’zhaawenamishin G’zhemnidoo.  Please help me in this pledge and take care of me.