As Deb´s uncle Terry puts it: “Who would have thought we would be in Iquitos, making our way in a boat up the Amazon River? This is National Geographic stuff!” It sure is an experience of a lifetime.

Yesterday, we had a great time on James´ boat making our way to the butterfly farm and animal sanctuary. The best experience, other than seeing the wildlife and the jungle, was mingling with the Anishinaabe people in a local village. I guess they aren´t technically Anishinaabe.  They are indigenous. But we all look the same.  (Maybe they have a little darker.)

Speaking of dark complextions, I want to introduce you to our latest family member. This little wooly monkey will stay here in Peru where he gets some really great care by Dad and Rosanna´s family.

I´ve never held a monkey before. He seems to really have taken a liking to me. He´s quite friendly and so human-like, it´s amazing. He´s also so agile and gentle when he climbs around you. He´s a great addition to the family.

Buenos Años Nuevo!!!