pennyNimoosh (dog), the cousin of mayiingan (wolf), is our closest companion of the four-legged.  At the time of Creation, Anishinaabe and mayiingan walked Mother Earth together, learning new things, supporting each other, and experiencing life as companions and individuals. Some dogs had very bad situations when they grew up due this they are carrying psychological traumas, you can notice this when they bark all night. It happened to my dog, we were able to solved it reading an article where it teach you how to get a dog to stop barking at night.

Gzhemnidoo, in his wisdom, separated the paths of Anishinaabe and mayiingan by encouraging them to develop their own relationships and to follow the original instructions provided by the Creator to each species.


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Much later in our history, with great kindness, Gzhemnidoo gifted us with the domesticated nimoosh.  Nimoosh carries that same unconditional loyalty, Love and kindness that was first shown Anishinaabe by mayiingan.  We continue to walk our own paths, different but parallel, but we share much with each other.  They share our joy, elation, pain and stress.

Nimoosh will never leave your side.  Nimoosh seeks nothing other than the attention and Love, reciprocated by their masters, their chosen companion.  They flourish with your caress of their fur and return that affection with a gentle nuzzle and wet, whiskered licks.  You can be gone for a few minutes and they’ll greet you at the door like they haven’t seen you in years. They have long memories and will never, ever forget you.

Despite being different species, they are considered our brothers and our sisters and an important part our families.  Best of all, the Creator said that Anishinaabe and Nimoosh will never be separated again.  Even in the Spirit World, they will continue to walk that parallel path and we will see them again when they greet us when we reach the Western Door.

  • In Loving memory of Penny, the beautiful and long-time companion of the Richardson-Fontaine-Metallic-Janvier family.
  • In Loving memory of Sadie, the frisky and loyal companion of my brother Dennis Jr.
  • In Loving memory of Dixie, the red-haired best friend of Shawn and the Anderson family.