trudeau_grI’m Liberal red, through and through.  Like my Late Grandma Leda before me, who stood by “her” Pierre Trudeau through the egotistical Trudeau-mania years, through the challenges of Constitutional repatriation, to his final walk in the snow.  I’ve walked door to door with Liberal candidates, put together events and opportunities, while helping ensure some of the widest-margins and one-sided polls in our riding.  So when Justin Trudeau entered federal politics, won his seat in Papineau, then became leader of the Party, I was stoked, man!  Justin was my guy.

Fast-forward to present day.  Liberal fundraising has vastly improved.  The polls are looking optimistic.  Things are looking up.  Now it’s time to put our collective minds to the 2015 federal election.  We need experienced, proven candidates, chosen in a fair and transparent manner within each riding.  Justin said things were going to change.  No longer will we see the Party making decisions that would cause rifts in the Party and alienating hard-working locals.


Christine Innes

Today, I was upset to learn that Christine Innes, one of the hardest working, down-to-earth, and proven organizers and Liberal candidates, was told by the Party that she will not be approved to run in Trinity-Spadina.  With Olivia Chow resigning the seat to run for Mayor, Christine would have all but taken the riding back for the reds, hands-down.

This all appears to be a sham.  Party officials seem to be manufacturing allegations of intimidation and bullying as some weak rationale to oust Christine.  It won’t be the riding members that will make the decision of who will be the candidate in Trinity-Spadina, it will be the Liberal Party’s green-lighted candidate, whoever that may be.  That decision has been taken away from the riding by virtue of this poor decision.  They’ve alienated many of Christine’s supporters, including this one.

Justin, you need the right people, with the right conditions to win this election.  We need experienced and capable people with demonstrated leadership, who have paid their dues, and know their way around a campaign.  Most of all we need a united party with strong riding organizations and strong local support.  In my opinion, this decision is minor league.  It certainly won’t help win back the riding, in fact, it will do the opposite.  You’re losing supporters, donations, and more importantly, integrity.  The lustre of your leadership has become a bit tarnished today.  I’m not impressed.