I need to reassure my readers and you Justin, that I’m not advocating any form of formal charges or “punishment”.  I’m asking the average non-native to understand and talk about these issues.  To ask yourself “why” this has happened – not by these girls, but within society as a whole.  I’m hopeful this may lead to understanding and healing.

I’m not sure who this “40+ year-old chief” is?  I’m not a Chief and I’ve got a long way to turning 40.  LOL

However Justin, your response surprised me.  You are certainly in the minority if you aren’t offended by what you seen and by the actions of these girls.  I certainly was offended and quite hurt by this.  Most people I have talked to are equally offended. 

And you are certainly in the minority if you’re saying that you feel this is a “compliment” to you.

Maybe you can ask these girls to sing you a parody of an Honour Song.

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“Trust not in those whose desire to punish is strong” ~Fyodor

Punishment is not the way of the ojibway people. To think such things is
very destructive… and destruction only leads to more destruction which
are not the teachings of our elders.

I’m an aboriginal writer aspiring to be. Although, I’m one of the few
who caught this video before it’s shut down, there is very little
“actually” offensive about it.

These girls were not on traditional pow wow grounds and they have said
nothing offensive to the anishnabe people.  All they did was dance in
their house drunk to pow wow music as though wannabes. Pow wows are
about gathering and having fun (along with other things) which is what
these girls were doing.

If anything, it’s like a parody… and a parody is a form of compliment.
The only insults are the ones who “take it personally” and do not speak
for the people as a whole.

For a 40+ year old chief to advocate charges against teens over a
mindless video can be seen as irrational… and I will not stand beside
a person, even an ojibway person, who is willing to cause “disharmony”
onto someone else.

~ Justin Achneepineskum