Oh what a great time we had in Listuguj today.  It was a full day of pow-wow, family and new friends.

After packing up at the Heron’s Nest and breakfast at the Eel River Bar truck stop, we travelled up the bay and across the river to Listiguj.  We met up with Candace’s mom, and later on, spent some time with Candace’s dad who live next door to each other.

After our noon meet and greet, we walked from Candace’s childhood home, along the shore, to the pow-wow.  The walk was pretty with a nice view of the river, the mountains and Cambellton, NB.

At the pow-wow, I took the opportunity to dance a couple of intertribals and sing a couple of songs with some local drums.  It’s kind of weird to be at a fairly large pow-wow and not recognize anybody.  I guess there is a different pow-wow family in every region of Turtle Island.

This evening we had a grand feast, hosted by Candace’s mom Brenda and Ed.  Our mexican dinner began in loving fashion as Candace’s mom acknowledged the coming together of new family and friends with a gracious and eloquent toast.  She spoke of her own children and grandchildren, her close friends, Scott and his family as well as our upcoming nuptuals.  Such a classy lady.

I spent the afternoon chatting with Deborah’s uncles Fisher and Terry.  Everything we chatted about will remain locked in “The Vault” forever.  Let’s just say they’ve got a unique sense of humour and have a healthy yearning for life.  I can’t wait to see them again soon.

As we were wrapping up our evening, there was a car accident immediately in front of the house, right in the centre of Listuguj village.  I hope everyone was okay.  It caused quite the traffic jam along the main rez road.

In the morning, we will be venturing to Indian Island First Nation to go oyster collecting and for a few oysters to gulp.  Can’t wait.