From: Lister, Monica
To: Goulais, Bob
Sent: 10/20/06 3:21 PM
Subject: Part 2 – The FN Boycott &”Sleep Country”

From Bob Goulais…

Greetings once again, brothers and sisters:
Please be assured that we will be putting pressure on “The Source (By
Circuit City)” and other retailers and service providers who are
specifically identified in the First Nations Boycott. I also hope to
bring this up in the media and provide a little more elaborate strategy
for all consumers to follow-up.
I would also like to identify another business who has established
significant barriers to adhereing to our right to tax exemption and
respect of our Nationhood. There has been some documentation regarding
“Sleep Country Canada”, who have either refused outright to accept an
Indian Status Card or have made tax exemption purchases consistantly
THEREFORE, I am extending this active and punitive boycott to “Sleep
Country Canada” until they are able to produce and justify their Indian
Status tax exemption policy, demonstrate barrier-free adherance to our
right to tax exemption, and demonstrate their respect to our people.


  1. I am respectfully requesting that all First Nations citizens:
    Anishinaabe, Haudenasaunee and Mushkegowuk alike, as well as our
    businesses, supporters and fellow consumers hereby actively boycott
    “Sleep Country Canada”. Buy your mattresses and bedding products from their competitors.

  2. Send this out far and wide, as previously.

  3. Visit for further updates on “The First Nations

Once again, this strategy will not be based on interpretations or
compliance with Retail Tax Guide and the Indian Act, but supporting
businesses that go out-of-their-way to respect and adhere to our
aboriginal right to tax exemption and refusing to patronize those
businesses that refuse or create barriers to using our right to tax
Also, this issn’t a simple knee-jerk reaction. This was a response to
their change in policy, and incidents have been reported across the
Also, at the upcoming Union of Ontario Indians assembly on Oct. 31, we
will be developing a strategy for a “First Nations Consumer Bill of
Rights”, including establishing policy, standards and certification for
businesses who want to do business with us. This strategy should
include a web site where First Nations consumers can report and research
documentation regarding companies who are certified “First Nations
Friendly Business”. We will use the web site and other communications
media to promote those companies in a positive way, but also provide
alerts to those companies who are not in compliance. We hope to print a
door sticker with the Anishinabek Thunderbird indicating them as an
“Friendly Business”.
By the way, this is all a part of the Anishinabek Nation Economic
Strategy, a ten-year economic plan that will provide new economic
opportunities, a new First Nation Economic Policy within the Province of
Ontario, consumer and small business strategies, human resources and
skills development initiatives. This is expected to be a comprehensive
and practical approach to economic development, with objectives for the
UOI, the Anishinabek Nation Management Group Inc., our Anishinabek
Nation Credit Union, Tribal Councils, individual First Nations, EDOs,
business development corporations, LDMs, First Nations businesses,
Anishinabek entrepreneurs and even individual citizens and consumers.
The strategy is being co-chaired by Ray Martin and Dawn Madahbee. Our
Portfolio Chief is J. Edward Williams of the Moose Deer Point First
There have been questions about whether I have a legitimate status card
as being the basis for the refusal, or whether I live on-reserve. The
answer for both is yes. Irregardless, for the benefit of our more than
50 per cent of our citizens who live away from their First Nation, it is
our entrenched position that our treaty rights are “portable” anyway,
and our tax exemption does not stop at the reserve border.
Again, demand that whoever you do business with respect you and your
rights. If they refuse, refuse to give them your business. 

All my relations,

Bob Goulais
Chief of Staff &
Executive Assistant to the Grand Council Chief