Here are a few of the frequently asked questions I am getting, courtesy of you, the reader.

Q: So, what’s the new job like?

A: I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve been here for a month and the work is satisfying. I’m working with a lot of really good people. I really believe in the mandate of our Ministry and think that we’re really working for the well-being of all Anishinaabe people.

Working for government means you usually have one job and one job only. That takes a little getting used to. I’ve been mostly the speech writer.

It’s pretty much a nine to five job – which is great for home life, but that also takes getting used to. I’m so used to crazy hours. However, the biggest change for me is the level of work. From running a political office to being the speech writer seems a bit like dumbing things down. But the pay is good and it’s a great stop along the way.

Q: Any exciting projects?

A: Yeah, for sure. Last week, our Ministry hosted the federal-provincial-territorial and aboriginal (FPTA) meeting in Toronto. All the ministers responsible for aboriginal affairs were here, as well as the leaders of the five national aboriginal organizations. It was nice to see some familiar faces too. It was great to be a part of organizing such a high-level meeting. I’m confident something will come out of it.

Q: How do you like living in Toronto?

A: It’s awesome. I’ve actually spent a lot of time in Toronto. I went to school here, worked here for several years, and even when I was working for the UOI – I spent a heck of a lot of time in T.O. I’m a city boy at heart. I enjoy the atmosphere, the culture and all the activity. Also, it’s wonderful living with my sweetheart. It’s so nice to be able to share our lives together. I have settled in and enjoying the home part of my life immensely. I miss my Boyz a lot though. I need to spend more time with them too.

I actually live in Markham, which is north of the city. I live in the official residence of the Duchess of Thornhill, who happens to be my partner. A pretty fancy title, but she’s earned it.

Q: Are you renting your house?

A: No, I’m keeping it for when I come around on weekends. My brother takes care of it during the week.

Q: Are you missing the travel?

A: No. Travel time was exhausting and it was a real drag. But strangely enough, I miss hotels. I miss the Delta Chelsea especially the red jello before bedtime. I miss airplanes. However, hotels and airplane, nowadays, equals holidays and leisure-time. I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Q: What has been your favourite movie this year?

A: There have been a few I really enjoyed, namely Star Trek, My Sister’s Keeper and Inglorious Basterds. It’s a tie, so far between the funniest movie I’ve seen in years: I Love you, Man – and – the scariest movie I’ve seen in years: Paranormal Activity.

Q: What was your least-favourite movie this year?

A: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I don’t even remember a single scene, even though I only slept through half the movie. Where the Wild Things Are is a close second. I paid a lot of money to nap after a hearty fill of popcorn. It kills me that such a stupid movie is getting Oscar buzz.

Q: How about them Leafs?

A: As I said in a Facebook update last week, the Leafs are on track to win nine games this season. I Love it. I think we really need a crap-the-bed kind of year to shake up the Leafs ownership and management. Something that will really inspire a fan coup! If Toronto wants a good hockey team, changes need to be made. That’ll only happen if people STOP going to Leaf games and STOP watching them on TV. Leafs ownership need to feel it in the pocket books. I predict that will happen after Christmas just as the Olympic fever is building up. Makes me wonder if the Ballard family can do any better. Just kidding.

Q: Are you scared of H1N1?

A: No. I’m invincible.

Q: Seriously, are you going to get a flu shot?

A: I’ve kinda rolled the dice over the past three or four years and haven’t had a flu shot. But that’s irresponsible of me. I need to take better care of my own health.

Two things really bug me about this flu season:

First, people who are paranoid about getting the flu. You are much more likely to get the seasonal flu strain than H1N1. Take precautions. If you are sick, stay home and get better. But the world is not going to end. There is no need to panic.

Secondly, people who are paranoid about getting the flu shot. It is safe. You won’t die, get the flu itself or become paralyzed. Sure, there is a minuscule chance that something will go terribly wrong. But you have a better chance of getting hit by lightening, getting injured in a fireworks accident or winning the lottery in the next three weeks. Oh, don’t even think of getting out of bed in the morning – you have a much better chance of dying by falling out of bed or getting snuffed by some random household or motor vehicle accident.

Q: You didn’t answer the question? Are you going to get the shot?

A: Yes, if the opportunity presents itself. But I’m not going to line up with thousands of people, some of which, potentially, already have the flu only to become sick a couple of days later.

Q: Is it true, you can never be too careful?

A: No, some people are way too careful. Those people who don’t go outside, don’t shake hands, wear Michael Jackson masks and snort hand sanitizer should be locked up in some sterile psychiatric hospital somewhere until the black plague returns.