• I appreciated the splash of colour provided to Facebook earlier this week.  The status updates of bra colour can be considered either risqué or TMI, depending on who’s providing the update.  I agree with one column I read last week, that the exercise was more of a means of subtle flirting with the opposite sex, rather than a legitimate means of raising the awareness of breast cancer.  Case in point:  how many women updated us how they were wearing their hair and what their shoe-size was in an effort to confuse men?
  • Speaking of breast cancer, I seen a great ad this morning.  (see above).  It showed some photos, first of a woman cupping her breast, a mammogram of a cancerous tumour, a small coniferous seed on the tip of a surgically-gloved finger, a women, and some children.  The text read:  “This is the breast.  This is the tumour.  This is the seed implanted in the breast to kill the tumour and help give the patient a better life.  This is the patient.  These are her children.  That’s why it matters.”  The ad prefers to the use of small “seeds” of Palladium-103, a radioactive isotope of palladium which is proving to be a successful means of treating various forms of cancer.  Excellent example of research and innovation.  Consider supporting the Sunnybrook Foundation.  www.sunnybrookfoundation.ca 

  • My morning prayers went out to the people of Haiti who are faced with unimaginable horror.  According to the Metro:  “Dazed survivors wandered past dead bodies in rubble-strewn streets Wednesday, crying for loved ones, and rescuers desperately searched collapsed buildings as fear rose that the death toll from Haiti’s devastating earthquake could reach into the tens of thousands.”  I can’t imagine what the people of Haiti are going through.  Today, I asked the Creator to look after them and for a strong outpouring of compassion and support.  There is no question, this impoverished nation needs help – international aid, volunteers and donations.  www.unicef.ca/disaster  www.worldvision.com  www.redcross.ca/helpnow  www.humanitariancoalition.ca  Please give as I will be.
  • Strangely enough, I usually do my morning prayers in the shower.  Must be a connection to the water or something.  I usually offer tobacco mid-morning when I go down to buy my first Coke Zero of the day.  Weird, eh?  I’m a 21st Century Indian.
  • I was groped repeatedly in the subway this morning.  Some woman’s bag was continually rubbing up against my buttocks.  I liked it.
  • For some reason I was thinking of the little shots of fluoride we used to get in grade school.  Remember those?  The bubble-gum flavoured liquid was administered by the public health unit in those stubby, flimsy disposable cups.  That led me to think about Constable Halsall, the local OPP public education officer and Father Greg Humbart, who did missionary work in Peru.  I was also thinking of my friend Ian MacPhee who moved to PEI and my school-yard friend Carrie-Ann Lambert, who I haven’t seen since grade six.  I wonder what they are doing?  It’s strange how electrical impulses can pull together random packets of stored data from the hippocampus.
  • I’m enjoying how NBC is falling apart over the late night controversy.  Conan O’Brien is holding his ground, refusing to move from his 11:35 p.m. time-slot to make room for the flailing Jay Leno.  Rightfully so.  Conan was given the job of hosting The Tonight Show fairly, and earned the spot by patiently putting in his time with NBC.  He was offered numerous chances to advance with other networks, namely FOX.  So when Leno’s 10 p.m. disaster of a show was cancelled, NBC brass tried to bring him back to late night.  Now Conan won’t budge.  It’s all great comedy fodder for other late night hosts.  I really enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel’s prosthetic Leno chin and grey wig the other night.  “Let it be known I’m taking over all the shows on late-night,” Kimmel said, as Leno.  If I watch late night TV, I’m more of a Letterman fan than anything.  I enjoy Kimmel and occasionally Stephen Colbert.  But I admire Conan for the stance he’s taking.