Boozhoo niindwaymaaginidoog:

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know what I’ve been up to. 

A Beautiful Weekend
This morning, I took a walk in the bush and along the shoreline of Lake Nipissing.  This afternoon, I spent a relaxing day here at home, working on my bundle for my second degree.  It was a beautiful day today.

Taabik CD to be released
This week, the Taabik Singers recorded our first CD entitled “Forever Young”.  It was an excellent couple of days in the Kawartha area at Summit Sound Studios.  A perfect backdrop to sing 12 new drum songs.  We also established a new website at I’ll post some new photos from the official CD photo shoot.

A Teacher of Men
My thoughts a prayers go out to my boss, Grand Council Chief John Beaucage and his family.  They are mourning the loss of his Dad, Sam Beaucage.  Sam passed away a week ago Thursday.  I had the chance to go to Wasauksing last Friday and do a pipe ceremony with Peter Beaucage, John and his family.
I’ve been recollecting the loss of my own Dad.  I’ve been missing him lately.  Today I visited the place where (Perry’s Dad) Ben McLeod’s ashes were laid to rest.
Dads are incredible people.  My Dad was my first teacher.  He brought us hunting and fishing and taught us valuable skills even though many of us don’t use them anymore.  I’ll should make a better effort to practice my treaty rights: hunting, trapping and fishing.  Even if it’s only once or twice a year.

Outstanding Councillor
Speaking of Perry, I just read the NFN Newsletter that was brought to my door today.  Perry McLeod-Shabogesic has a full four page report to the community.  It is very impressive. Great communication to the community, great representation and accountability.  PMS would make good Chief material.  Way to go, my friend.

Liberals need to run more women candidates
It is essential that the Liberal Party of Canada run more women candidates!!  At the Liberal Convention in December, I supported our Liberal Women’s Commission and lobbied hard for a resolution to ensure this priority it reflected in Party policy.  Needless to say I was disappointed as Marva Wisdom did not get the Liberal nomination for the riding of Guelph.  I met Marva at the Liberal Convention last December and she struck me as a very exciting and different candidate.  I will be urging our leader, Stephane Dion to appoint her as a candidate in another riding.  I hope to see her behind the scenes until that time.

Tom King wins NDP nod in Guelph
Despite my disappointment in the Liberal nomination in Guelph, I am excited and interested in the NDP’s choice for that riding.  Renowned First Nations author Tom King will be the NDP candidate for Guelph in the next election.  What’s one more NDP seat in the House of Commons.  Go get ’em, Tom.  “Stay Calm-Be Brave-Wait for the Sign.”

The Liberal Dream Team
Congratulations to Justin Trudeau who won the Liberal nomination in Papineau and Gerard Kennedy who won the Liberal nomination in Parkdale-High Park.  What a team!