Liberal Party of Canada 
Biennial Convention 2006
Montreal, PQ

Moved By Bob Goulais, Anishinaabe – Ontario


WHEREAS it is generally recognized that Canada was founded by three nations, the First Peoples, the English and the French; and

WHEREAS First Peoples, were historic governing Nations prior to the establishment of English or French colonies, long before the formal establishment of the Dominion of Canada; and

WHEREAS First Peoples, since time immemorial, have upheld their status as Nations and have never surrendered their sovereignty; and

WHEREAS First Peoples, historically, have always been recognized as Nations by the various colonial governments by virtue of the Treaties and the “Royal Proclamation of 1763”; and

WHEREAS section 35 of the “Constitution Act of Canada” recognizes and affirms the Treaty and Aboriginal Rights of Canada’s First Peoples, and we understand that the inherent right to self-government and self-determination are among those Aboriginal Rights; and

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada have always been inclusive of First Peoples and their aspirations which has been exemplified by the establishment of the Aboriginal Peoples Commission; and

WHEREAS the Government of Canada, under the Liberals in May 2005 signed the “Recognition of First Nations Governments Accord” with the Assembly of First Nations signifying a start to transformative change in the recognition of First Peoples’ governments; and

WHEREAS the Government of Canada, under the Liberals in November 2005, hosted a “First Ministers Meeting on Aboriginal Peoples” which brought forward a number of commitments to combat First Peoples poverty and leading to improving the lives of First Peoples of Canada. This is known as the “Kelowna Accord”; and

WHEREAS the First Peoples of Canada include the First Nations, Metis and Inuit People.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada hereby recognize First Peoples as Nations within the Nation of Canada.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada hereby recognize First Peoples’ governments as a legitimate third order of Government within Canada.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada, in partnership with the First Peoples of Canada, initiate, develop and implement the necessary policy, legislative and constitutional change required to fully implement this recognition of Nationhood and implementation of self-government by First Nations government.

BE IT RESOLVED that this recognition be brought forward by a future Liberal Government for implementation at a future Constitutional Conference and the enactment be entrenched in a First Amendment to the Constitution of Canada.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the elimination of First Peoples poverty and improving the lives of the First Peoples of Canada continue to be a top priority for the Liberal Party of Canada.


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